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Info for Travel to Nepal

Passport: When apply visa for Nepal, your passport must have the validity for six months or more the date of your arrival in Nepal. Passport has to at least one blank page.


Visa: If you haven’t made your visa as per the requirement, here are some steps to help you get it:

  • You can get visa from Nepalese Diplomatic Mission stationed abroad prior to avoid queues peak Tourist season on arrival. You must enter Nepal within six months from the visa issued date.
  • You can get Tourist visa from the airport by either filling in the ‘Arrival card’ or by filling in the online form of Arrival Visa.
  • Online in advance tourists can fill up the form. It must be done within 15 days of your arrival date in Nepal. This process need digital version for your passport size photo and address detail of your hotel in Nepal. Online form
  • The airport now has automatic registration machines wherein it will extract information after it scans your passport.
  • Photograph – if you filling out an application form at the airport need photos (35mmx45mm) with light background.
  • Nepal’s land border crossings  that are open to foreigners through following points
  • Kakadvitta east Nepal closest from Siliguri Darjeelign India
  • Birgunj Raxaul central Nepal closest from Patna, Kalkatta India
  • Rasuwagadhi central Nepal from China/Tibet border
  • Belahia Bhairahawa western Nepal closest to Varanasi India
  • Jamunaha Nepalgunj Mid Western Nepal closest to Lucknow India
  • Mohana Dhangadi Far Western Nepal
  • Gaddachauki Mahendranagar Far Western closest to Delhi India


Visa Fee

  • 25 USD for 15 Days
  • 40 USD for 30 Days
  • 100 USD for 90 Days

This fee is payable in the following currencies: Australian Dollar, Canadian DollarHong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, and US Dollar. However, recommend US Dollars. If you are rather going land borders, only require payment in us dollars. the credit card, Indian and Nepali currency not accepted as payment for visa fee.

  • Gratis or Free visa
  • Children Below 10 years old
  • SAARC citizen who are visiting Nepal for the fist time in a year.
  • Chinese nationals


Health: It is more fun to stay healthy and travel. Therefore, it will be better if you prepare yourself before-hand and carry with yourself some medicines because they might have different names here, then it is found at your country and also get yourself some travel vaccines (such as Hepatitis-A, Typhoid and Meningitis) because this diseases might come through contaminated water and food.


Airport tax: According to the regulations of the Government of Nepal, every passenger must clear his/her Airport tax.

  • If you are from SAARC countries (India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Bhutan,) you should pay: NPR 791 as Airport tax.
  • If you are from other countries your Airport tax is: NPR 1130


Customs: A different region of Nepal follows different customs. When travelling to Nepal, you are supposed to wear a little decent dress. Too revealing clothes might make local people uncomfortable with you.



  • The most important rule in Nepalese tradition to say “Namaste/Namaskar” by joining your hands as if like you are praying.
  • While sharing food to others it is always a good manner to give by using your right hand.
  • Always ask permission before entering anyone’s house.
  • Respect the local culture, tradition, holy places, public properties etc.



It is best to travel Nepal by using its own local currency. You are supposed to carry yourself the currency which is universally recognized. To exchange your currency, it is much easier in popular cities and towns like Kathmandu and Pokhara. You could easily exchange your money from Money Exchange Shops or even in the airport. However, the situation will be completely opposite while trekking to rural areas.